AmberLina can pack, transport and unpack at your new home or office location.

Amberlina Packing & Unpacking service is our fully comprehensive service, designed for those looking for the ultimate peace of mind, when moving house or office.

Our professionally trained and experienced staff do everything for you. We pack the entire contents of your home or office on day 1 (can vary depending on the amount of contents which needs relocating) and then return in the morning on moving day to transport everything to your new home or office. We'll then unpack all the boxes whilst you to sit back and enjoy your new property or office.

Step 1: Our Moving Consultant will come visit you and survey you onsite. This allows us to correctly calculate the volume of goods which will need to be moved. We can also prepare for any fragile items and furniture that may require extra attention on the day.

Step 2: You will usually receive our quotation within 24 hours

Step 3: We usually arrive one day before your moving day to meticulously pack the entire contents of your home or office. Everything is carefully wrapped, boxed and labelled, allowing you to easily unpack when you arrive at your new property.

Step 4: On moving day our team will arrive at your chosen time. We'll protect all high traffic areas with carpet protectors and begin loading your items. Once loaded we will meet you at your new property or office to begin unloading. We take special care to place boxes in the correct rooms and arrange your furniture exactly how you want at your new home or office.

Step 5: After unloading your furniture and goods into your new home or office, we'll then begin unpacking. Boxes are unpacked to a worktop surface, meaning you can choose exactly what cupboard the contents go into. The packaging and waste are taken away allowing you to sit back and relax in your new home.

Please contact us or fill out our packing & unpacking quote form to get an onsite visit booked.